humor and race-/gender-related issues in 9gag


November 2011 to March 2012


Communication Research 110: Introduction to Qualitative Research in Communication


For my major in college, I took up Communication Research from University of the Philippines Diliman. Communication Research explores various aspects of communication using qualitative and quantitative research methodology. The subjects helps in understanding the communication phenomena and discovering patterns in the communication behavior of people. Communication Research involves issues on mass media and entertainment, advertising, interpersonal and group communication, organizational communication, and new technology and mobile communication.

Y U STEREOTYPICAL? The integration of humor and gender-related and race-related issues in is a semester-long research project of my Introduction to Qualitative Research in Communication class which involves an overview of major paradigms and perspectives in qualitative research. This research explores how 9gag, a famous online entertainment and humor website that functions as an image hosting site, blog community, and a social networking site, explore the topics of race and gender in humor content.

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