Freelancer Stakeholder Map-02.jpg

Freelancer Stakeholder Map


January to May 2018


Pen and Paper, Sketching, Adobe Illustrator


Integrative Studio 1 (MS Strategic Design and Management at Parsons School of Design)


As part of an academic project made in collaboration with CitiVentures, my team was tasked to develop a business that would create value for and support the needs of the gig economy. As we went into researching the industry, my team and I identified the different stakeholders that partake in the gig economy.


To get gigs and clients, freelancers must build their reputation. They tap on their existing networks for gigs and continuously build trust and deliver quality work. In doing work, they use software programs and tools and try to learn as much skills through trainings and online courses. Freelancers also get additional support from freelancer unions, which provide benefits and certain freelancer packages.

Freelancers are further affected by policies, structures and regulations by external institutions such as the government, banks, and health insurance providers.

Without the protection of an employer, freelancers have to navigate through the complex work ecosystem on their own.

For details on the full project, see here.


I wanted to create several layers that show how certain groups of stakeholders affect the life of freelancers. I divided this into three layers - main stakeholders, secondary stakeholders and external institutions. In each layer and stakeholder, I placed legends that help reinforce the freelancers’ relationship with these stakeholders and the tools that enable them to continue to hold on to these reinforcing elements.