job seeking behavior and motivations

Independent Consulting // January to May 2018 // Daniel Olivan, Poyen Ramos

I consulted with a technology company in the Philippines that transforms the way candidates find jobs and companies hire talent. With its online job-matching platform, this company helps employers create strong candidate relationships and find the right talent. This market research project aims to understand the job-seeking behavior of young Filipino professionals.

My Roles

  • Created the overall research plan and methodology

  • Developed survey forms (Google forms) and led the deployment of the survey the company’s user database

  • Cleaned and prepared quantitative dataset in Excel

  • Ran quantitative dataset for analysis in Tableau and generated charts for each data dimension

  • Analyzed research findings and prepared research report and recommendations for stakeholders



Although their job platform generates big data on user behavior while on the platform, less is known about the jobseeking behavior and motivations of Filipino young professionals. Knowing these would help the company in providing a seamless jobhunting experience for jobseekers and for employer clients to know more about the preferences of potential employees.

Business Challenge

  • Need to find data and information that the company can provide to its employer clients so that they may be able to provide the necessary benefits and training to prospective employees

Overall Project Goal

  • Uncover opportunities for the company to enhance branding and build awareness

  • Identify points for leverage that employer clients can use to attract candidates and retain employees

Research Question

  • How do young Filipino professionals look for a job?


  • To understand motivations when switching jobs within the industry

  • To identify resources used when looking for a job

  • To discover job seeking pain points experienced by young professionals

  • To determine the training needed in order to move up in the industry

  • To identify other interests that young professionals might have


This project ran from May to September 2017 and involved Filipino young professionals in the fields of Real Estate, Sales and Marketing, IT and Software Development, and Finance.

The project was segmented into four, with each survey focusing on one specific field. We deployed the online survey created in Google Forms to the company’s user database through an email blast. After reaching our target of 100 responses (for each field), data was cleaned and shaped in Excel and ran through Tableau.



Job Seeking Behavior Project Timeline-03.png

Below are some of the charts that I made for the report. All charts were made using Tableau Public.

Opportunities for Future Research and Testing

  • Explore other jobseeker groups as well (freelancers looking to get a full-time job) to compare nuances and preferences. This research was only focused on individuals who are currently employed in a full-time job and is geared towards job switch.

What I Would Do Differently

  • I would want to reach out to jobseekers who are currently not part of the job platform. This research only involved respondents who are part of the user database and does not include those who are only subscribing to other job platforms outside of this. 

  • I would explore to create targeted and randomized respondent list to further generalize the findings of the research. The method of sampling used in this research was