Migo Piso Posible Thumbnail.png

CAMPAIGN POSTERS (All approve by the Ad Standards Council of the Philippines)


marketing campaign for migo entertainment


Gian Jeremy Suyat, Felisse Yupano, Peter Bacatan


Feb to June 2016


Migo Entertainment is a technology startup that develops a combination of hardware and software technologies that facilitate the delivery of media content - award-winning TV shows, movies, and documentaries - through community kiosks and enable users to download and watch on their mobile phones without Internet.

As we prepare for the launch of our product back in August 2016, I led a project that involved developing the marketing campaign for our product launch. This project involved uncovering our big idea, creating our key slogan, and creating campaign materials and visuals that we can release in several communication channels.


After several brainstorming sessions and conducting 2 key workshops to test the campaign’s big idea and materials, we settled on the idea of Piso Posible to highlight how the product enables users to watch movies for only Php 1 ($0.02) per 10 minutes. Piso stands for the official Philippine currency while Posible is Filipino translation of possible. Piso Posible suggests that Migo is the answer to the common Filipino’s struggle in getting affordable access to entertainment. With Migo, the common Filipino’s Piso (equivalent to $0.02) can unlock many possibilities.


This concept shows how people’s lifestyle will change with Migo. The ad series starts with the first poster that hints on Migo to slowly introduce the product to the target audience.

Each set then has a Then and Now poster. All Then posters (sepia) are to be posted 1-2 weeks before to pique interest and will then be followed by the Now poster (colored) to reveal how the product can alleviate the audience’s pain points in terms of affordability, accessibility, and entertainment.  

We took a comedic and exaggerated angle in developing the visuals to tap on the playful nature of Filipinos and to capture attention and reinforce relatability.

We worked on the project from Feb to June 2016 and was set to launch on August after getting approval on the final visuals from the Ad Standards Council of the Philippines. The project was put on hold before launch due to shifting priorities of the startup.