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martial law museum: a learning resource on philippine history


Works of Heart


January to March 2016


The battle for the two highest government positions during the 2016 Philippine National Elections triggered concerns on the nation’s leadership as well as social media’s role in keeping individuals in an echo chamber filled with fake news and plagued with trolls.

With recent events involving human rights violations and the curtailment of freedom of speech, it is likely that the Martial Law that happened 50 years ago will happen again, especially as today’s generation have not had enough context and did not experience it themselves.

The Works of Heart team (including myself) helped an education organization in the creation and launch of Martial Law Museum, a digital repository of news, materials, and artifacts related to Martial Law. Acting as a learning resource for teachers and students, the Martial Law Museum aims to connect past events to today’s issues and spark a more thoughtful discussion on the issue among today’s youth.


In-depth interviews & Focus Group Discussions

We conducted in-depth interviews and focus group discussions with high school and college students, young professionals, and high school teachers. We probed their opinions on Martial Law and the Marcos regime and their socio-political engagement.


We also ran a survey on the same cohorts and asked questions related to their perception on Martial Law, their key information sources, and the socio-political activities that they engage in.

Campaign Benchmarking

Since the client was very interested in the possibility of creating a website, we examined existing Martial Law-related websites based on their content, information architecture, the objectives they aim to achieve, and appeal.



days of fieldwork




stakeholders surveyed